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We take steps to provide a transparent & all inclusive process from the very beginning through your projects completion.

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Step 1

1DREAMS lead to PLANNING   Every plan starts with a dream, your dream of something you want or need. If you need a design, let us help you bring your dreams to life. 30 years of designing our customers dream remodel or new home is your assurance that your dreams will be realized.

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Step 2

2BUDGETING leads to SUCCESS   A plan is just a pretty picture if the cost is out of reach. Real budgeting is crucial at the beginning of the design process in order to insure the plan will lead to your dream becoming reality. 30 years of design-build experience brings validity to the budget process.

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Step 3

3DESIGN leads to ACTION   The plan should develop in stages based on your ideas and dreams but guided by 30 years of experience of proven design. The plan must be functional, efficient, meet your requirements while looking great. It must meet ever changing codes and incorporate technologies you are comfortable with in order to enhance your lifestyle. Your feedback is essential all along the design process so the finished plan is the realization of your dreams.

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Step 4

4The PROCESS leads to FULFILMENT   Estimating the costs of the project involves specifying the products that will adorn the plan. The finishes, both inside and out, can make or break the budget. 30 years of experience assisting customers select their finishes is your insurance that you will get the professional guidance to the products that meet your tastes and your budget.

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Step 5

5The RESULTS   Our customers are our best advertising. We repeatedly hear that we listen to their wants and needs, strive hard to fulfill them, and produce a superior product that provides value to their project no matter what it is. By being goal oriented and working hard for every customer, our projects come in on time and on budget with a timeless quality that stands out above the rest.

What our clients say about us… “Your gift of your time and your skills are so appreciated. They put a smile on my face and have made me feel much more safe and secure. You truly are the Lord’s representative! He is smiling also”! JH



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